Brewing cold coffee – why??

You can’t be hip enough these days. Before you checked the corresponding trend in the social media, he is probably already gone.

Nevertheless, I had to take a closer look at the current “dernier cri”:

COLD BREW COFFEE. Brewing cold coffee? You could use the conventionally brewed and just let it get cold, but that would probably knock the baristians of this world our of their brightly polished Budapest shoes.

Of course the #coldbrewcoffee should taste completely different! For example, most of the bitter substances are missing which makes it more tolerable. Bute for me as a self confessed coffee addict this is not very important. The curiosity for the magic potion is in the foreground here! All right, let’s go:

I grounded 100g coffee with a lot of moaning in my must have hand mill, the coffee was then about the size of dried lentils. I filled the sieve in my beautiful EVE with the grounded coffee and the whole thing was filled to the brim with cold, soft and filtered water. That was about a liter. Now we had to wait and see and drink tea, the coffee wasn’t ready yet! The recommondations of the Cold Brew Coffee Geeks here are at least 12, maximum 16 hours brewing time at room temperature. Miss Impatience did not find the result after 11 hours and 45 minutes yet statisfactory, which is why one good hour was still attached. Sieve out, squeezed coffee a little (by the way, you should refill the jug with water to 1 litre again, but I didn’t do that)

#1   With 1 ice cube in a small glass (“Morningshot” – yes, I was awake afterwards, albeit for other reasons)

#2   With 1 ice cube and a good shot of lemon juice (I only know this as a remedy for hangover headaches)

#3   As a long drink wih gin and tonic water (Delicious – think about #2)

#4   With chocolate ice cream for iced coffee (Absolutley!!!)

There are still many suggestions circulating in the net, including some really, really “interesting” recipes.

Summary: The Cold Brew Coffee actually tastes different than a “normal coffee which has become cold”. Above all, it can be kept up to a week and even heated in the microwave without any loss of taste.

I’m a bit infected and more curious and open for all experiments now, maybe I ‘ll get a sense for this kind of coffee making after all – and my EVE is just as keen to experiment as I am. It was always fun! And for those who want to know: I used a coffee in a black bag with a big monkey on it.